WRC Limited Editions

WRC Limited Editions

Epic races against time, demand supreme timepieces. The WRC Limited Editions give you the adrenaline and performance of rallying right on your wrist.

Tough, bold and hungry for action, the WRC watches are built to make every second count. With Swiss Made movements and high-end specs, these timepieces embrace the strength and precision needed to succeed. Buckle up, this will get wild.


Meet the WRC Limited Editions


The race of human and machine against time is awe-inspiring. Add insanely skilled drivers, super modified production cars and the most brutal terrain on the planet and this battle against time becomes absolutely epic. This is edge-of-your-seat driving at its purest.

Despite the Herculean efforts of man and machine, time always wins. Time is ruthless. Time can’t be slowed down. Time can’t be beaten. But you can surely maximise it. As Official Watch Partner of the FIA World Rally Championship, we celebrate the drive to maximise time.

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Choose the WRC watch that suits your style. Whether you go for the commanding Grand Tech or the characteristic Canteen, they are crafted from the finest materials and infused with that distinctive TW Steel attitude.

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Powerful movements are essential in a world where every second counts. Both models are equipped with a very accurate Swiss Made movement: a Ronda 5030.D chronograph movement with interim time measurement and a battery life of 4.5 years. Trust Swiss engineering and choose your favourite new WRC timepiece.

What statement will you make?



Don’t miss your chance to make a bold statement. The WRC timepieces are limited to just 1000 pieces. Each comes with its own unique serial number and certificate of authenticity.

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Give your WRC watch your personal twist by engraving a personal text or message on the case back.

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Designed to make impact, both WRC Limited Editions offer you outstanding details. Based on the all-new Grand Tech collection, the GT11 stands out with a unique pillar construction connecting the caseback to the bezel. A multi-layered dial with a raised, brushed bridge adds to the high-performance look, while a soft rubber strap with two strokes of Italian leather gives the watch a racing presence.

The TW1020 catches the eye with its iconic crown – hook combination. Based on the characteristic Canteen model, this timepiece features a striking tachymeter on the bezel and a multi-layered dial with a reference to the FIA World Rally Championship. Both limited editions have a caseback sporting the WRC logo and your personal engraving.

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The tough WRC watches are built to last. Featuring luxurious, scratch-resistant, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, you can wear it wherever you go.



Combining style with comfort, the strap consists of Italian leather double-stitched on a soft rubber base. A luxurious, high-grade folded clasp ensures the strap is easy to use.

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WRC watches are crafted from the strongest materials. As such, we are happy to offer a 3-year worldwide warranty.

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  • The WRC timepieces are now available at a special pre-order price until July 23rd, 2021. Orders ship between end of September and October 2021, subject to Swiss production schedule and shipment. The timepieces will be available at full retail prices in October 2021. Create your personalised engraving, select your limited edition number and make your own exclusive statement.

  • The following specific instructions and terms apply to any pre-order for a WRC watch. Due to the special nature of the offer made, these terms differ from our standard terms and conditions (which can be found here)

    • - After online order, you will receive an email confirmation of your order.
    • - No cancellations or changes of order details or engraving will be accepted after 3 days of the order date.
    • - Delivery will take place September and October 2021 (subject to production schedule, shipment and coronavirus related measures ) and will be made according the agreed-upon shipping agreement, subject to the country of destination.
    • - Delivery dates are indicative only and therefore not binding.
    • - Upon watch delivery from TW Steel head office to your country, our local customer service representative will contact you on behalf of TW Steel to further discuss the watch delivery arrangements.
    • - The right of withdrawal does not apply to your pre-order of this collection, as this watch will be manufactured according to your specification, i.e. it is not prefabricated but will be manufactured on the basis of individual choices and/or wishes uttered and will therefore be personalized.
    • - Only VISA, MasterCard and American Express and other locally accepted payment methods are accepted. Non-refundable handling charges may be charged by your bank when payment is made by a credit card.
    • - Different collection methods and service terms may apply to different countries. Please inquire with our local office for details.
    • - In addition to your statutory rights, this collection models come with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.
    • - TW Steel reserves all rights in case of any disputes.
    • - Only alphanumeric characters, spaces and punctuation are allowed.
    • - Special characters, letters with accent marks and non-English letters cannot be engraved.
    • - Laser engraving is limited to one line and up to 24 characters, including spaces.
    • - All text is centred to fit the space.
    • - Capital letters are suggested for easy legibility.
    • - All engravings on the case back are performed exactly according to the confirmation email sent by TW Steel, including upper cases, spelling and spacing.

The WRC Limited Editions collection

WRC Limited Editions
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WRC Limited Editions
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